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Ep 13: Fitness Exercise For College Students

Sweat It Out : Fitness Tips For College Students

Myth : Red Wine is Healthier than White Wine

Eating Tips : Eat 3 times a day , Don’t avoid Dairy, Don’t get Dehydrated, choose appropriate portions

Fitness Tips : walk or bike to class, chose for a walk with friends, join an intramural sport, make use of your college gym

Recipe: Creamy Coffee Ice Cream Shake
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Bosu Ball Exercise Video

Bosu Ball Exercise Video. Diet.com fitness videos will show you how to look like a pro at the gym. In this free workout video Sarah Dussault and Katrina Hodgson show you how to use a Bosu Ball and the different exercises you can use it for. This piece of equipment is great for your core using stability.

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Core Workout – Kettlebell Fitness Exercise for Core Strength

Core Workout – Kettlebell Fitness Exercise for Core Strength

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The video shows a very easy to follow core based exercise routine done on a beautiful beach. For this workout session you need a kettlebell to start strengthening that core.

Watch this amazing workout routine for burning our calories and staying fit:

Check out this refreshing, morning yoga and dancing session on this amazing beach:


Butt & Thigh Workout – BEACH BODY | Rebecca Louise

This workout will have you beach body ready in no time – we’re going to lift and tone our butt and thighs while burning fat for a more slim and perky figure! Subscribe! – Your 30 Day Get Fit Plan!

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7 Minute Stomach Workout. Flat Tummy Exercise

Try this 7 minute flat stomach workout to lose belly fat at home without equipment. Do these ab exercises 4 times a week and follow the healthy tips in the video to lose the tummy fat.

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Consult your doctor before starting the flat stomach workout.

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