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4-Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

How to lose belly fat and weight fast? An exhausting workout in the gym doesn’t suit everyone, and, let’s be honest, sometimes we have no time for it. Quick interval training is really effective. Try these five simple exercises that will take you just 5 minutes. You don’t even need a stopwatch – I’ll count for you so you can perform the whole set while watching the video.

Exercise #1. Squats 0:47
Exercise #2. Push-ups 2:23
Exercise #3. Mountain climber 4:01
Exercise #4. Lunges 5:03
Exercise #5. Jumps 6:41

Workout Plan
Squats – 60 seconds
Push-ups – 30 seconds
Mountain climber – 30 seconds
Lunges 60 – seconds
Jumps 45 – seconds

Keep performing this set of exercises every day (at home or in your backyard), and your body will transform within a month. You’ve already taken the first step towards your dream body.
Have you ever tried these exercises before? How did they work for you? Share your experience in the comments below!

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5-Minute Workout That Replaces High-Intensity Cardio

Is it you who always dreamt about the fit body but didn’t how to start? These 7 simple exercises will take JUST 5 MINUTES of your time and will suit any level of physical condition because they are all based on one phenomenal exercise – Plank.

Just do it with us every day preferably in the morning when you are still fresh and full of energy, and we will make sure that every training is fun! And in just 30 days, you will be surprised to find a so much slimmer and fitter body in the mirror. So, why don’t we make the first step to your transformed body right now? Let’s start!

Full Plank 1:28
Elbow Plank 3:02
Raised-Leg Plank 4:03
Left-Side Plank 5:37
Right-side Plank 6:41
Full Plank again 7:44
Elbow plank 8:57

Workout Plan Summary:
1. Full Plank – 1 minute
2. Elbow Plank – 30 seconds
3. Raised-Leg Plank
Right Leg – 30 seconds
Left Leg – 30 seconds
4. Right Side Plank – 30 seconds
5. Left-Side Plank – 30 seconds
6. Full Plank – 30 seconds
7. Elbow Plank – 1 full minute

And one last thing before we say goodbye for today. Once you feel that you are ready to intensify your workout, try not to lie down on the floor between the exercises and just keep your body up while changing the arms position.

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What I EAT In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT- 45 LBS Weight Loss (VEGAN) ~ Immy

Hello Immians!
WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL. I finally managed to film another WHAT I EAT IN A DAY/ DIET/ WEIGHT LOSS/ FOOD VIDEO for all those who requested it especially after my weight loss video (Linked below). I also want to mention, that I change things up on a daily basis, especially when I’m at work so if you guys want MORE FOOD VIDEOS: Comment down below and let me know what you guys want me to film next!
Also I had a vegetarian/vegan day on this particular day and try to eat vegetarian meals a few times a week. On other days I do have meat but try to have more of a plant based diet generally.


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Weight Loss Meal Prep:

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More upper body exercise build you arm strength – Park Bench Workout 2

Our website has programmes for you to follow every day and reminders to help you stay on track. Click here to start your journey
Part 2 of the extra exercise you can do on your outdoor routine to unflabby your arms, work your core, get buns of steel. Marie is a runner and her exercises will help you get more from your run or walk.

This is workout part 2 of the eFit30 park bench workout series. This exercise routine builds and extends on the skills that you have learned in the previous sessions.

More at www.eFit30.com.au or on our main Channel


Calories burned?
There are quite a few variables in accurately calculating calorie burn, have a look at “Calories Burned – Activity Calculator” if you plug in your weight and height etc you will get a more accurate number!
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detailed video about what to eat in intermittent fasting

This video is about which food we can consume during the 8hrs of eating window and what we can consume during 16hrs of Fasting Window.

The best part of Intermittent fasting is we can eat whatever we want to eat in 8 hrs window and still get weight loss. however if we eat healthy we will stay fit and stay healthy. So in this video i have explained about healthy diet plan for intermittent fasting. included my daily diet plan so that you can prepare yours.

For healthy diet we need to give our body proper nutrition. which includes Proteins, Fats, Carbs, vitamins, minerals.

Please check my video about How intermittent fasting works?

Most Effective and Fastest way to lose Fat Telugu | Weight Loss with Intermittent fasting Technique

Wikipedia link: