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Tone Your Arms With Only 2 Exercise Moves | Fitness Tips | NewBeauty Body

If you’re looking for quick and easy arm exercises to tone the flab on the back of your arms, or what we call “chicken wings,” then we have a solution for you. We caught up with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck, who works with Heidi Klum and a handful of Victoria’s Secret models, to find out how she keeps the arms on her client’s looking tight and toned in just two moves. You might be surprised by just how easy her suggestions are, and just how little time you have to spend doing them. Watch the video to find out!

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Host: Anna Jimenez
Twitter: @AnnaPJimenez

Shirt on Anna: Babakul

Shot at: Yoga Poser at Fred Segal


Workout – How to Perform Wall Ball Exercise

How to Perform Wall Ball Exercise – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi guys, my name is Jasmine Parr from Austin Fit and Fearless, and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to develop the lower body. Now I’m going to show you the Wall Ball. I have a weighted medicine ball that we’re going to toss all the way to the chart of Fit and Fearless sign, which is about 10 to 12 feet. We want to make sure we go down into our squat, then press up and slowly release the ball up into the air. And that’s called the Wall Ball.


Centerline Resistance Bands for fitness and therapy exercise

Dual anchored resistance using the MoveStrong Centerline Bands!

Perform functional strength, rehab, corrective, core, and conditioning exercises with resistance bands that allow the path of resistance to generate from one or TWO anchor points! Designed to work specifically with the patented MoveStrong G-Loop anchors used on the MoveStrong Nova FTS and Stall Bars, the Centerline bands work great anywhere you have a secure anchor point for attaching the end nylon webbing strap with a carabineer or other secure method for anchoring. Use our patent pending design Centerline Handle for attaching Centerline bands to each end for a dual anchored resistance generated from different anchors points. Use the Centerline Dual handle for two-handed grip exercises also. Interchange the handles and various attachments using the Centerline bands included carbineer.

Learn more about the Centerline resistance bands and MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment at www.MoveStrongFit.com


Body Boxing Fitness Exercise Library: Burpee BlowOut!

Body Boxing Fitness Exercise Library