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Circus Exercises: V Ups Exercise – Women's Fitness

V Ups Exercise – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Rachel and this is Randy and we are demonstrating a traditional gymnastics and circus exercise that are called V Ups. So you lay flat and then you reach your arms toward your legs all at the same time. Lift your legs higher, lift up, there you go, lift up, bring your whole body up, there you go, lift up, lift up, okay. And those are V Ups. They work your a lot of abs and your entire body.


Core Exercise – The Dead Bug – Kristy Lee Wilson

Fitness Professional, Kristy Lee Wilson, demonstrating how to correctly perform the Dead Bug exercise – a great core exercise. To advance this exercise simply place a medicine ball in the hands. You may also add ankle weights for an even greater challenge.

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Fitness – Dive Bomber Push Ups Exercise


Pure Fitness | How-To Video: 38-inch 40-inch Exercise Trampoline

How-To Video Assembly & Installation for the Pure Fitness Exercise Trampoline

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Time Estimated: 15-30 Minutes

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