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Fitness – Dive Bomber Push Ups Exercise


Cheerleading Fitness – pompom workout for abs

A fun fitness workout for your abs: some great toning exercises to get a sixpack! Working your abdominal muscles can be a drag… We have a fun, innovative way of working your sixpack! No pompoms? No problem: you can easily do these exercises without poms too. Click on the link for more workouts with pom poms!


Full Workout Exercise Video Barre Fitness At Home | 20-Minute Strong and Sleek Upper Body Barre



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Sculpt and slim with this heart rate elevating, upper body barre sculpting workout!

Level: All

Equipment: One set of light dumbbells (3-8 lbs depending on level), a small playground ball (optional – can be done without ball)

Intensity: Moderate

Boost your metabolism and burn fat while you sculpt the muscles in your arms, shoulders, upper back, abs, waist, back, hips, thighs, quadriceps, glutes, butt, calves, core and more with exercises like:

Warm Up
Plie and Chest Fly
Narrow Squat Punch Triceps Kickback and Overhead Press
First position pile with high biceps curls
Split Stance Triceps Kickbacks
Overhead Shoulder Press and Passe
Knee Tuck Crunch
Bicycle Crunch
Spine Extensions
Cool Down/Stretch


Elephant Walk for the Core: DAC Fitness Exercise of the Week

A step up (or arm walk further) from The Inchworm, the Elephant Walk as demonstrated by DAC Fitness Coaches Kendall Capps and Bryce Hendricks engages your core and is a bit more advanced, with its further outstretch and brief pause as you “walk it out” with your hands. Find more moves like this in our affordable Team Training and Semi-Private Training Programs.


Crunchless Abs Workout – Crunch Free Ab Workout Routine

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