Overall Body Energy Exercise session for Individuals who get Bored Effortlessly – Overall Body Burnout

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Conditioning Blender Exercise session Programs:
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four 7 days #FBBooty (Butt & Thighs) @
eight 7 days #FBFit (Excess fat loss, lean muscle, 50m/working day) @
eight 7 days #FB30 (Excess fat loss, lean muscle, 30m/working day) @
eight 7 days FB30 Round 2 @
four 7 days #FBMass (Mass developing + power) @
four 7 days #FBBodyweight (No gear at all) @
four 7 days Very low Effect (Rookie helpful, no jumping) @
four 7 days #FBAdventure (four Days/week) @
four 7 days Cross Schooling System (three Days/week) @
four 7 days #FBReach (Overall flexibility, Pilates, Yoga & Stretching) @
2 7 days Demo @
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