Mini exercise stepper (a quick review)

Mini stepper review on my blog :
A look at a stepper (aka ‘mini stepper’). This one is A UK stepper (One Body Side Swing Stepper with computer and resistance cords), available via Tesco Direct at the time. Presumably most steppers are a variation of this (in most cases using hydraulics for the action, though I am aware of the air stepper too). I think a stepper of this sort is an excellent convenient piece of exercise equipment for the home that will be used. I give the concept of steppers 10/10, this one 6/10 overall, and 8/10 for the price I paid (£23. Half price at the time it seems). This stepper is a great little exerciser apart from some minor annoyances. Link for my full review is below

Amazon USA search ‘mini stepper’ in sports & equipment :
Amazon UK search ‘mini stepper in sports & outdoors :

Update aug 2015 :
Counter :
On some steppers the counter can be hard to see or miss steps. I now use a TAP COUNTER APP on my phone to tap the steps. If you do a search of e.g. ‘tap counter’ ‘counter’ you should find an app. I use TAP COUNTER by WHIZZBANG (android)


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