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Gymnastics Grips MADE FOR ATHLETES – By athletes.

Giolive gymnasts hand grips were born from my passion for CrossFit and commitment to quality. I make no compromises when it comes to my health, and neither should you..
After working with TOP Athletes we have developed the best grip gloves crossfit to help you dominate your WOD and actually have a real crossfit experience with a dedicated design crossfit grips for girls and boys.
This is why your wod gloves are The complete all-in-one workout hand grips crossfit:

Made exclusively of GENUINE COW LEATHER HAND GRIPS material to make them MORE durable.

Enjoy the OPTIMUM EXPERIENCE thanks to anatomically fit design for MORE comfort.

INCREASED INTENSITY of your WOD thanks to crossfit wrist wraps that doesn’t dig into your wrists.

BETTER FOCUS on your body workouts due to extra barrier on the bars. Palm guards with wrist wraps to keep calluses, rips and blisters away !

EASY to put on and take off. Easy-peasey !

CLEAN GEAR and wodies gloves because we give you a carrying bag

My greatest regret in life is that I do not honor my full potential as a human being. This is the reason why you will see the Giolive motto “Do more!” on every pair of our grips gymnastics, to remind you to live with NO regrets to your full potential. The difference between winning and losing is one more repetition.

So here is my legacy for you, always remember to: DO MORE!

You get MORE satisfaction for the money you pay:

– 1 x Pair of Premium Giolive Gymnastics Hand Grips

– 1 x wodies crossfit Carrying Bag

– 1 x Resistance Stretch Band

– 1 x Ebook “20 New Resistance Band Workouts with Gymnasts Gloves”.

Click above and BUY a pair of crossfit gloves today! You will love the grips !✔️ SUPERIOR DURABILITY & COMFORT- The leather hand grips gymnastics last longer than other products thanks to a textured genuine leather that we use to manufacture our gloves crossfit.
✔️ BEST CROSSFIT GLOVES & PALM PROTECTION WITH WRIST WRAPS – You will have healthy palms against calluses, rips, blisters and other painful memories, because our products are made of 100% Real Cow Leather Material.
✔️ PERFECT EQUIPMENT FOR – all your favorite activities : WODs, Gymnastics, Cross Fit Training, Pull ups, Chin ups, Weight lifting, Kettlebells, Powerlifting, Chest to bar, Muscle ups and more fun time in the Gym.
✔️ LOOKING GOOD IN THE GYM – We put all the efort in creating a top quality gymnasts hand grips for YOU to improve YOUR performance and DO MORE training while looking COOL all in the same time! The hand grips crossfit would also make a great gift for a friend.

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