Kundalini Yoga – Arm Exercise 2 – Women’s Fitness

Kundalini Yoga – Arm Exercise 2 – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Kelly with Karuna Yoga. We are going to take a beautiful arm exercise today that helps to open up the shoulders, open up the lungs, the breathing. Helps to release tension around the rib cage and in essence helps to give the flow to the heart energy. So we are just feeling nice and kind and calm.

We are going to take the arms forward. The palms face, they are not going to touch, they are going to stop just a little bit apart from each other. And on the inhale let the arms go back and down, and exhale forward. So we can keep the spine nice and tall. Inhale back, exhale forward.

And lets take our eyes look to the center of the brow, that helps to stimulate the master gland, the Pituitary, so that our hormonal balance is on point. Keep it going. Exhale forward, inhale back. 2 more rounds. Good, inhale, take the arms out to the sides and exhale, hands to knees.


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