Kinetic Bands Leg Resistance Speed Bands – Speed and Agility Digital Training Videos and Workout Guides – Digital Training Videos and Workout Guides (INT Red-Green: User Weight Over 110)

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Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance Speed Bands) are used worldwide by athletes of all ages and abilities to improve athletic performance (increase running speed, vertical jump, improve agility, flexibility, balance, and endurance).

Kinetic Bands provide full range of motion and help athletes strengthen their legs, hips, hip flexors, and core muscles during physical activity and sport-specific training. They are easily incorporated into any training routine or exercise program.

Kinetic Bands are also used by healthy minded people who want to get fit, stay healthy, lose weight or burn fat; by physical therapy professionals; strength and conditioning specialists; speed trainers; personal trainers; recreational sports teams; school districts; colleges; and professional sports programs.

Each set of Kinetic Bands includes: one set of leg straps, two sets of resistance bands, a convenient mesh carry bag, access to digital training downloads and workout guide and over 1200 training videos.

Since 2006

Helps strengthen leg, hip, and core muscles to improve athletic performance and increase speed
Unique SWIVEL CLIP designed for comfort and multi-directional movement
Used world-wide by athletes of all ages (7+) and abilities in all kinds of sports
Digital training downloads and workout guides to get you started
Ideal for use during sport-specific training or to get fit, stay in shape, lose weight or burn fat

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