IMAGE® Fitness Twist Massage Board Magnetic Aerobic Foot Exercise Waist Torsion Body Tool

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1.when doing exercise, it also doing foot magneto therapy

2.friction particle can be more effectively promoted blood circulation

3.stay fit and healthy, a larger overall exercise your body

4.occupies little space for its small size

5.very simple and convenient to using it can use it in office or at home, anytime you want to exercise

1.avoid the Strenuous exercise within 30 minutes after a meal
2.don’t use this product in wet and slip and uneven ground
3.avoid the unstable gravity or wrestling, please not do the intense action
4.not for the pregnant woman and the overweight people
5.beginner please using this product with other people’s help or hold the handrail

Package includes:
1*massage board

Helps to relieve muscular pain, back pain,pressure and irritation
Helps you to build waist muscle and stay fit and healthy
Very simple and convenient to use and it won’t occupy too much space
Anytime and anywhere you can relax yourself by using it!
1 Year Warranty!

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