Hearheed High Fidelity Ear Plugs Noise Reduction – Hearing Protection Earplugs for Concerts Loud Live Music and More – DJs Clubbers Motorcycle Riding Construction Work Travel Flying Pressure Earplugs

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⚠️‼️⚠️We can all subject our ears to potentially damage noise!
NOISE INDUCED HEARING LOSS is a function of exposure time,the average noise level, and the peak level of very loud sounds.Noise may not just be annoying;at high intensity it can be damaging.Our ears were not meant to endure a constant hail of loud sounds.As a result, millions of Americans suffer from noise induced hearing loss.

✅You can prevent deafness due to noise !!!
WHETHER YOU ARE HEADING TO a concert festival nightclub or any destination with loud sounds Hearheed ear plugs serve as your protector against hearing loss. Everyone that visits loud venues , whether you are a performing artist,bar staff or simply a “party animal” looking for some loud energy action , Hearheed ear plugs are a necessity , not an optional extra .

✅Hearheed earplugs provide unbeatable clarity and astonishing comfort HEARHEED EAR PLUGS don’t just reduce sound pressure ( attenuate the volume ),but enable you to hear everything perfectly without all the hard edges,meaning you can enjoy the music(sports events , motorcycles , etc…),without suffering hearing loss.

♦Hearheed hearing protectors have an average attenuation value of 28dB
♦Allows ventilation to reach the auditory duct
♦Best performance and durability with minimal maintenance
♦EN 352-1:2006 and EN 352-2:2002 certified

LIMITED EDITION: Hearheed ear plugs are provided with aluminium carrying case, neck cord and instructions + SURPRISE BONUS

ADD TO YOUR CART NOW !!!✅GIVE YOURSELF THE ULTIMATE HEARING PROTECTION EARPLUGS Our product is for those who really care about their hearing. It doesn’t matter whether the sound is pleasant or not, if a person’s exposure is sufficiently loud or long hearing will be permanently damaged. Hearheed professional high fidelity active guard filters have an average attenuation value of 28dB. Clear silicone hush buds decibels noise blocking delete the irritating noises taking ultra softness care of your ears
✅USE BEFORE YOU LOSE Prevention is the best type of solution for hearing loss. Womens mens and children can prevent hearing loss by simply using hearheed proof sounds defenders providing a silent and safety sound level isolation. HYPOALLERGENIC NON TOXIC natural soft silicone ear plugs that request minimal maintenance and give the best performance and durability. WASHABLE REUSABLE STANDARD SIZE ear plugs comfortably fits most adults. Hardly visible in ear
✅YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY THE SOUNDS OF LIFE Hearheed earplugs don’t muffle the music. Especially constructed to replicate the natural hearing range of the ears but with a lower decibel level offering outstanding sound quality. Damaging noise is reduced but the speech and sound remain clear and natural. Other generic pluggerz reduce dangerous sounds but do not preserve the quality of sound
✅THE FINEST SOLUTION IN CANCELING EXCESSIVE BACKGROUNDS high fidelity ear plugs that can be used in a variety of noisy environments concerts loud live music festivals motorcycle riding air travel flying pressure office meditation construction grinding machinery lawn mowing worker musicians motor sports nascar drag racing events firearms hunting gun shooting army DJs clubbers drummers vocalists band jamming exercise violinist performing artist bar staff silence women or men and more
✅HEARHEED EARPLUGS PROVIDE UNBEATABLE CLARITY and astonishing comfort. LONG LIFE HEARING PROTECTORS are provided with hygienic aluminium carrying case with flexible cord inside. SURPRISE BONUS for YOU inside the package. ADD YOUR HEARHEED EAR PLUGS TO YOUR CART NOW

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