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Performix athlete Mike Vazquez will take calisthenics schooling to a complete new stage. Check out out his inspiring story, and test his comprehensive-physique exercise routine!
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Health is transformative. It can change your physique, of course, but additional importantly, it has the electrical power to change how you see you and your location in the earth. Performix athlete and overall badass Mike Vazquez understands this electrical power, mainly because health and fitness remodeled him into the male he is nowadays.

As a result of a distinctive mix of breakdancing, calisthenics, and conventional barbell movements, Vazquez has created a signature schooling type and a physique marked by pace, electrical power, and authentic strength. He could have began out obese and unhappy, but nowadays he’s a enterprise proprietor and very pleased purpose model to his son, and he embodies the Performix idea of “greatness, unrelenting.”

Check out out Vazquez’s inspiring story, and then test a person of his coronary heart-pounding exercise sessions!

If you want to glance like Mike, you have to have to teach like Mike—and the video you just viewed only delivers a very small style of how this animal definitely trains. But never worry—you never have to have to be ready to stand on your head or maintain you upside down in get to comply with Vazquez’s exercise routine.

You do, however, have to have to strike the health and fitness center completely ready to do the job. Vazquez’s schooling type is not for the faint of coronary heart. It combines quick-hearth supersets of bodyweight and barbell movements, taxing almost each and every aspect of your health and fitness stage.

If you feel you’ve bought what it will take to hold with Vazquez, get completely ready to channel your interior breakdancer and test this demanding exercise routine. We have no doubt it will engage each and every muscle in your body—potentially which includes your upchuck reflex!

Exercise session Notes

As soon as you’ve done Vazquez’s quick warm-up, get completely ready to do the job on overdrive! Vazquez’s lean physique is a byproduct of how rapidly and intensely he trains. To continue to keep rate, your target is to continue to keep your rest to an absolute bare minimum. On each and every superset or triset, go from a person training to the other without rest. You can only rest soon after you’ve done the two-three routines as prescribed. When you do rest, never just take any for a longer period than about fifteen-twenty seconds. Get a sip of h2o, wipe the sweat off your experience, and get ideal back again at it.

If you might be not accustomed to going your physique by way of these routines at this pace and rep selection, you could have to have to do less reps or less sets than originally prescribed. Do what you can do at your existing health and fitness stage, but test to proceed operating as rapidly and successfully as attainable. By repeating this exercise routine more than time, you will grow to be superior and additional effective at it.

When you might be finished with this exercise routine, you’ll go on to a minimal metabolic take care of Vazquez phone calls the “finisher.” To do it effectively, you’ll just take an interval-schooling solution. Start out with drive-ups and do them for a comprehensive 45 seconds. When the clock hits :45, rest for fifteen seconds, then go ideal on to mountain climbers. Complete each and every training at this do the job:rest ratio a person time.

Applying This Session

You can apply this exercise routine into your existing schooling split in a variety of strategies, mainly dependent on your existing targets and health and fitness stage. If your major target is setting up muscle mass, use a light bodyweight and do this exercise routine as a cardio session at the time or twice for each week. After all, you possibly will not want to swap your existing hypertrophy periods.
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