Best Diet Plan for Kidney Failure in hindi | किडनी रोगी क्या खाएं और क्या नहीं – डाइट चार्ट

Best Diet Plan for Kidney Failure in hindi | किडनी रोगी क्या खाएं और क्या नहीं – डाइट चार्ट
In this video, we will talk about what diet plan should kidney patient follow. A balanced diet plan make a kidney healthy that why if you are suffering from kidney disease so you should follow a healthy diet plan.
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In today’s world people are not take care of proper diet plan, for a kidney patients it is necessary to follow a healthy diet plan under guidance of their dietician or doctor.
In breakfast, Kidney Patients can eat, Upma, Poha, Kurmura daliya, white dhokla, sabudana or rava.Kidney patient should keep in mind that they should eat sabudana without coconut and nuts, because it has 0% Potassium.
In Lunch, Kidney patients should eat Roti (Bread) without ghee or oil, in vegetables they can eat Loki, Gobhi, Kaddu and parval.
Now we will tell you if you are a kidney patients so how you should eat food:-
1. Brown Rice:- It contain High Potassium and phosphorus, In 1 cup of bowl brown rice it contain 150mg phosphorus and 154mg potassium
2. Garlic and Onion:- It is difficult on intake less salt in food by kidney patient, In this case they can take garlic or onion, because it is very beneficial for kidney patients.It contain Vitamin B or C.
3. White Portion of egg:- Kidney Patients can eat white portion of egg, because it contain minerals or protein, which make strong your kidney but in yellow yolks it contain high phosphorus that why it should be avoid by kidney patients.
4. Blue berry:- Blueberry contain antioxidant, it also contain minerals which make kidney a healthy.It has less potassium or phosphorus.
5. Fish:- Fish contain omega 3 acid which is beneficial for kidney patients. It contain high quality protein, it is also beneficial for heart or kidney problem

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